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Welcome to the Department of Financial Services, Division of Workers' Compensation Report of Health Care Provider Violations Website. This website portal accesses the Department’s electronic process for elective and discretionary reporting of Health Care Provider (HCP) violations of Chapter 440, Florida Statutes (F.S.) in accordance with Rule Chapter 69L-34, Florida Administrative Code, Carrier Report of Health Care Provider Violations (HCP Violation Rule).

Pursuant to the HCP Violation Rule, an individual (complainant) may file a Health Care Provider Violation Referral Form, DFS-F6-DWC-2000 (Referral), to report a provider (respondent) violation of Chapter 440, F.S. A violation of Chapter 440, F.S., includes:

                • Improper Form Completion
                • Improper Billing of Services
                • Improper Reporting of Services
                • Standard of Care violations including overutilization of services

Any entity may report a HCP violation through this portal. Instructions on how to complete and submit a referral, as well as manage an existing referral submission are provided for your convenience. However, further assistance with the proper use of this website, may be obtained by emailing questions to or by calling the Medical Services Section at 850.413.1613.

Contact Information for questions or support issues: Email or call (850)413-1613 .
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